Is buying an Electric Vehicle beneficial?

By Yashika Dhamani 6 Min Read

Mostly everybody has been talking about buying an electric vehicle for the last few years. This not-so-novel technology is targeting consumers’ interests. Undeniably, a good sense of marketing and advertising has boosted the sales of these electric vehicles. But before buying an electric vehicle, one really needs to understand the motive behind their purchase, is it because of the novelty or environmental consciousness? Above all, is it even beneficial to buy one?

The following are the different benefits which should be in focus while making the buying decision:

  1. Tax incentives

It is one of the key benefits when it comes to convincing someone about EVs. The percentage of taxes is something which we all somewhere are not a big fan of and EVs provide us with perks in that department. Governments of various nations like the USA and India give out monetary benefits to people who invest in four-wheeler electric vehicles. 

  1. Less maintenance seeking 

When compared to combustion vehicles, these electric vehicles require less attention and maintenance unlike fuel-run vehicles, which have fewer mechanical parts. You must have noticed how much service a normal car/scooter needs but that would not be the case in these electricity-run vehicles. So, you do not have to keep a tab on when to send the car/scooter for service because it would need none.

  1. Costs are low

The costs of running an electric vehicle are much cheaper when compared to a normal vehicle. Fossil fuel-run cars are much costlier as the prices of the fuels are touching the peak these days and will continue to do so because fossil fuels are on the verge of extinction but their demand is growing, on the other hand, electric vehicles run on batteries which can be charged with the help of a charger and saves money.

  1. Free of noise

The vehicles that use fuel to run their noisy engines need to rethink their existence as electric vehicles come with no noise when they run which is definitely a plus point in this era where there is nothing but different kinds of pollution. More use of electric vehicles will definitely ensure that there is no noise from the engine running which is actually a sign of the smoothness of the vehicle. 

So, if you don’t want to grab any unwanted attention towards your vehicle because of the kind of noise it is producing because of its engine, then go buy an electric one.

  1. Easy to drive 

It is very easy to drive an electric vehicle as it does not have the most complicated part of driving a car which is changing gears and it is also very smooth running without actually demanding extra attention from the user. It basically does not ask much from the user and provides a sense of comfort and ease. Most people tend to take a lot of stress and become super conscious related to how their recklessness or irresponsible behaviour can affect the engine but in this scenario, there is no engine only. So, it is a little stress buster also.

  1. Convenience at your door

Every time one sits in a car, there is always this unsaid duty to make sure that the fuel tank is full and there is no need to go to a pump to get it refilled and spend a good amount of money on filling the fuel tank full because let’s not forget that the fuel prices are not really what we call affordable for everyone. On the othe end are electric vehicles which do not require you to go anywhere for their function. All it needs is a charger and a working socket for its battery to get fully charged for smooth running without any worries.

  1. EVs are here to stay

With the growing environmental consciousness, it is very clear that electric vehicles are our gateway towards development with sustainability. We all must know that fossil fuels like diesel and petroleum will not be there for us forever, they will finish one day and that day it will only be these battery-run cars that will come to our rescue because they do not require any fossil fuels which are also not good for the environment when led to the path of combustion because of all the pollution it causes which is a major reason for global warming.

These were the major arguments that could prove that EVs are beneficial for us humans as they are convenient and eco-friendly too. It is clear that Electric vehicles are the future of transportation, obviously, there will be more developments in technology to make it better but yes combustion vehicles will surely be replaced. They are one of the routes we can take to fulfil our duty towards the environment which really needs us at the moment and will need us in the future too more than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Go a make a sustainable choice.

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