Reasons to go vogue with EVs

By Yashika Dhamani 3 Min Read

Imagine you’re already being late for some important meeting, and then you get an alert for low fuel level, then you have to waste your time at the fuel station where it is crowded like every other day. So, instead of going through all this trouble, just imagine charging your car hours before leaving, how convenient that sounds right? It’s just similar to how you charge your phone before you know you have to leave. Value your time, and choose the smarter option, simple.

  1. Saving on the taxes

We all find ways to save on our taxes. Surprise! Here’s another advantage of using an EV. The government provide various benefits for people with an EV as they are obviously contributing towards the welfare of the environment by adopting to a more sustainable lifestyle.

  1. Safety and healthy

According to experts, the EV is safer than a traditional car. How? They are built in such a way that god forbid if someone gets into an accident, they will be less injured than in a regular gas car. Along with this, these electrically run cars are also healthy for us all as they protect us from respiratory chronic illnesses that are caused by the smoke produced by the gas-run cars.

Along with all these benefits, there are some cons too just like the two faces of the coin. The EV does not have the capacity to travel long distances and so you might want to rethink if want to choose an EV for travelling far. Also, let’s face it, these cars are expensive with their batteries taking time to charge. 

But doesn’t everything has some drawbacks to it? The question is what is your priority? Some people still might ask what’s the urgency of shifting from traditional cars to electric vehicles. If you can afford it then why not? 

With the climate crisis at its peak, we are persistently asked to rethink our lifestyle choices. EV is also a lifestyle choice, which might be expensive but sustainable. If you can afford it, then why not go for it? Some of us really overspend on things we don’t actually require but why hesitate when it comes to saving our planet? EVs might be expensive but not more expensive than the cost our coming generations would have to pay. With every latest model, the battery life is becoming better and promises to run longer. We have to make a little change now more than ever in order to see a bigger and more positive change in the future. Let’s move on from the past of fuel-driven cars and make the right choice for our environment.

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